In June 2019, I organised with Francesco Bonsante and Gabriele Mondello the workshop "Higher Teichmüller Theory and related topics". Its poster is here.

I have been invited to give a talk at the following workshops (with slides when used):
- "X International Meeting on Lorentzian Geometry", Córdoba, Spain, February 2021.
- "Teichmüller theory: Classical, Higher, Super and Quantum, CIRM Luminy, France, October 2020. Slides
- "Dynamical aspects of Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry", Braga, Portugal, March 2020.
- "XXI Congresso UMI - sezione di Topologia e Geometria Differenziale", Pavia, Italy, September 2019. Slides
- "Geometric structures, representations of surface groupes and hyperbolic groups", Nice, France, January 2019. Slides
- "Joint Italian-Polish meeting - session of Geometric Topology, Manifolds and Group Actions", Wroclaw, Poland, September 2018. Slides
- "Higgs Bundles and Harmonic Maps of Riemann Surfaces", Oaxaca, Mexico, July 2018. Video
- "Moduli spaces", Ventotene, Italy, September 2017. Slides
- "Teichmüller theory and geometric structures on 3-dimensional manifolds", University of Luxembourg, June 2017
- "Geometric Topology in Cortona", Italy, June 2017. Slides
- "Young Researchers Workshop on Differential Geometry in Minkowski Space", Granada, Spain, April 2017
- "Differential Geometry Days", Torino, Italy, April 2017
- "Current Problems in Theoretical Physics", Vietri sul Mare, Italy, April 2017. Slides
- "Analytic Aspects of Higher Teichmüller Theory", Rutgers University, Newark, USA, September 2016. Slides
- "3-dimensional geometric structures, representations of surface groups and related topics", University of Luxembourg, July 2015
- "Regards croisés sur les structures géométriques et la géométrie lorentzienne", Avignon, France, September 2014
- "Teichmüller Theory and surfaces in 3-manifolds", Centro De Giorgi, Pisa, Italy, June 2014
- "Character Varieties and Geometric Structures", Washington DC, USA, December 2013
- "Young Topology Meeting", London, United Kingdom, April 2013. Slides

I gave/will give the following seminar talks:
2020: EPFL, Grenoble, Luxembourg, Paris 7;
          online: Pangolin seminar, Roma Sapienza, Séminaire Géométrie et Dynamique, Virginia
2019: Tours, Toulouse, Strasbourg, Grenoble, IHES, Fribourg
2018: Grenoble, Neuchâtel, Avignon, Marseille, Bilbao, Nancy
2017: Heidelberg, Toulouse, Paris 6, Paris 7, Bordeaux, Strasbourg
2016: Roma Tor Vergata, KIAS Seoul, Luxembourg, Montpellier, Avignon
2015: Roma Sapienza, Paris 6
2014: Erlangen
2013: Fribourg

Student supervision:
Diptaishik Choudhury (PhD student, currently, co-supervised with Greg McShane and Jean-Marc Schlenler)
Oliviero Malech (Master student, currently, co-supervised with Mattia Mecchia)
Paulo José Portinha Rodriguez, How to compute the sum of 1/n^2 by solving triangles, University of Luxembourg 2018 (Bachelor final project)
Daniel Zuk, Smooth billiards and the Poncelet theorem, University of Luxembourg 2018 (Bachelor final project)

Mario Baldassarri Prize 2017 (National prize for a paper in algebra, geometry or number theory published under the age of 30)
INDAM UMI SIMAI Prize 2014-2017 (National prize for best 4 PhD theses in Mathematics)
Michele Cuozzo Prize 2016 (Prize issued by Università di Roma Tor Vergata for best national PhD thesis in Mathematics)
Marco Reni Prize 2010-2013 (Prize issued for best Master’s thesis in Mathematics defended at Università di Trieste)